Crack Attack Auto Glass

1134 Riddlewood lane,

Highlands Ranch, CO, 80129

Company Profile

Crack Attack, LLC


Founded: 2013

Owner: Vadim Rudachenko



Areas of expertise:  Windshield Repairs, Headlight Restorations. 

Benefits of Windshield Repair And Headlight Res​toration

Headlight Restoration

  1. Significantly increased safety (See and Be Seen)
  2. Drastically improves your driving visibility
  3. Increased light projection
  4. Improves optical quality (Clear headlights)
  5. Enhances the appearance of your vehicle (can increase resale as much as $500)
  6. Eliminates costly replacements (Headlights can cost as much as $1,500 each)
  7. Eliminates installation costs
  8. Service is done without removing your headlights
  9. Retain original headlight (reduces plastic in landfills by recycling)
  10. Special UV (Ultraviolet) resistant coating
  11. Professional service
  12. 2-year Limited Warranty.

Windshield Repair


  1. Costs much less than the cost of auto glass replacement in Denver
  2. Windshield chip repair is accepted and endorsed by most insurance companies
  3. Repairing your windshield helps save the environment by keeping non-recyclable  automobile glass out of our landfills
  4. ​Over 10 million windshields are replaced in North America. Since laminated auto glass cannot be commercially recycled, most of it end up filling up the landfills.
  5. Windshield repair prevents the damage from spreading and retains the original factory bond of the windshield​

Auto Glass Replacement in Denver